"Euroton" Company took part in the football tournament dedicated to the Day of the Defender of Ukraine!

We sincerely thank everyone who defended and continue to defend our country in the East. Therefore, to support the initiative to hold a football tournament on the occasion of the Day of the Defender of Ukraine became the worthy task for "Eurotone" employees.


In mid-October, despite a cloudy rainy weather golden autumn on the football field football battle started on the initiative of the participant ATO YAROSLAV Radchuk. The tournament was attended by amateur team of experienced craftsmen and talented young people (who give their favorite game all his spare time), "Vatra" and "Eurotone" from with. New Section, and "Galicia" commands. Vybranovka and "Chizhichi" with. Chizhichi.



To conduct the draw for the starting match fell commands "Galicia" and "Chizhichi" where severe persistent struggle two halves, football fortune smiled a young ambitious team of s. Chizhichi that with a score of 9: 7 won their famous rivals and gained such an important victory for himself.



In the second game showed their ability to hold the ball on the football field "Eurotone" team and "Vatra". In a tense struggle the victory with a score of 7: 4 football players pulled out of the "Vatra" command.



For III-IV place fighting team "Galicia" and "Eurotone", which butt fights were not able to defeat their opponents. None of the opponents did not want to give up without a fight.



The uncompromising struggle hard for every ball scored the match ended with a score of 6:10 in favor of "Eurotone" command. This enabled the team "Eurotone" climb on the third step of the podium.


Let such a small support from our company will be appropriate for you!

Thank you!


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