Ordinary brick

Ordinary brick TM “Euroton” – ceramic, effective. Our bricks are ecological, durable and high quality, made only from natural clay. Brick grades – M-125, M-150.

Hollow (effective) brick is much lighter than usual, and therefore easier to work with. Due to the air cavities in the brick, the heat exchange between the inner space and the external environment is reduced. This very valuable quality allows you to keep warm in the wall in winter and protect it from the heat in summer.

Ordinary brick and ceramic stone of TM “Euroton” is used for the construction of load-bearing and self-supporting walls and partitions of one-story and multi-storey buildings. The use of ceramic stone significantly reduces the time for erection of wall structures and significantly reduces the consumption of mortar

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    2,0 NF
    (ceramic stone)

    2,12 NF
    (ceramic stone)

    Dimensions mm 250х120х65 250х120х88 250х120х130 250х120х138
    Weight kg 2,1 – 2,2 2,6 – 3,1 3,8 – 4,1 4,15 – 4,2
    The strength brand M 100 / 125 / 150 100 / 125 / 150 100 / 125 / 150 100 / 125 / 150
    Water absorption % 12,8 13 13 13,5
    Frost cycles cycles 50 50 50 50
    Thermal conductivity Вт/м°С 0,41 0,41 0,39 0,37
    Density kg/m3 1050 1020 1040 1020
    Packing pcs./pallet 480 352 252 252
    Clinker brick

    Clinker brick

    Clinker brick
    Made of natural ingredients, clinker bricks of TM Euroton perfectly meet the needs of people who strive to live in harmony with themselves and nature.
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    Facing Brick

    Facing Brick

    Facing Brick
    The modern technological line of German production and qualified personnel make it possible to produce TM Euroton facing bricks of high and stable quality.
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    Maintaining a microclimate

    The inner surface of the walls remains dry during each season, and a comfortable climate is always maintained inside the building.

    Environmental friendliness

    Ordinary brick of TM Euroton is made of absolutely natural and environmentally friendly materials


    Will reliably serve you and your descendants for decades

    Reliability and comfort

    Withstands the influence of atmospheric precipitation, makes the walls of the house resistant to sunlight, rain and snowfall

    Ordinary brick of TM Euroton Ukrainian production

    Recently, buildings made from environmentally friendly and non-toxic building materials have enjoyed unprecedented popularity. Consumers demand not only the strength and stability of the brick, but also ease of use. Special attention is paid to resistance to various negative influences. So, the ordinary brick of our production fully fits this description. And it maintains its popularity thanks to its unshakable characteristics and reliable qualities. After all, ordinary brick has long been used in important structural elements of various buildings, the construction of load-bearing walls and partitions, the construction of foundations, stoves  and chimneys. In short, an almost universal material. And various sizes, shapes and textures allow you to lay out walls of complex configurations and satisfy even the most demanding consumer. With the correct laying and usage of the correct mortars, houses with our bricks can easily pass the 150-year milestone of exploitation. No wonder ceramic brick is the most popular building material.

    Ordinary brick manufacturing technology

    Ukraine is a land that can be proud of its natural resources. Rocks and fertile soils allow us to use only our own raw materials to the maximum in various areas of production, which guarantees high quality products. And the price can be kept within reasonable limits.

    It is important to note that Euroton specialists carefully select the material for the manufacture of their products and extract it only in ecologically clean proven places. Thus, in the manufacture of ordinary bricks, our company uses clay from the Carpathian region. The variety of rocks allows us to choose their combinations and get high quality ceramic bricks with excellent performance.

    The main component of bricks is clay. But, before proceeding to manufacturing, it undergoes thorough preparation and grinding. In the manufacture of ordinary bricks, we use low-melting, moderately plastic grades. After obtaining a homogeneous structure of the raw material, the process of making ceramic bricks begins. By mixing clay with water, a plastic mass is obtained – a charge. It will continue to enter the formation, and then – for drying and in the kiln for firing. After exposure of the charge to high temperature, its ingredients are baked and small pores are compacted. The used temperature ranges between 950-1050 degrees Celsius. This allows you to get a brick with a strength grade M125 – M150. And the crown of manufacturing is high-quality and reliable packaging of goods, as well as delivery to the end consumer, to which we treat with full responsibility. Thanks to an extensive network of distributors and well-coordinated work with delivery services, it is possible to buy ordinary bricks in Kiev and anywhere in Ukraine.

    Features and Benefits

    A distinctive feature of our production is work on high-precision and fully automated equipment from Lingl and Siemens.

    Professionals Euroton constantly maintain a high level of improvement, allows you to perform work error-free and with high quality.

    As a result, we can provide a strong, durable product with reliable performance.

    We managed to obtain ceramic bricks with a low degree of water absorption (12.2 – 13%), a sufficient level of frost resistance (35 – 80 cycles), thermal conductivity (0.37 – 0.41) and good density (1020 – 1200 kg / m3). And due to its fire resistance, it is also popular in the range of stoves and fireplaces. It should also be noted such an important detail as the absence of biocorrosion and reliable resistance to rodents and other small pests. At the same time, the insignificant weight of each product does not cause much difficulty in work.

    Color, size, texture of ordinary bricks

    Guided by trends in the development of demand, consumer requests and the desire to help in the implementation of all architectural features, Euroton carefully monitors modern projects and construction ideas. Taking into account all the requirements and the extended area of use, the range of our products is constantly updated. But several positions remain the most in demand. These are hollow bricks and ceramic blocks. Due to the presence of voids, such a brick has less weight and better thermal insulation characteristics, and the presence of a relief texture on the lateral surface makes it possible to improve the connection of bricks with mortar.

    So, the most popular are: single brick (250x120x65), thickened brick (250x120x88), ceramic stone with a coefficient of 2.0 NF (250x120x130) and a ceramic stone with a coefficient of 2.12 NF (250x120x138).

    The use of ceramic stone in construction allows to reduce the construction time and the costs of the fixing solution. And the red color of ceramic bricks is set by combining different types of clay or adding manganese rocks to the composition. But, at the same time, all the products of the Euroton company are famous for the environmental friendliness and safety of the bricks produced.

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