“Yellow” clinker brick TM EUROTON – a sales record holder for 2020.

Facing and clinker bricks of TM EUROTON – one of the most popular and demanded finishing materials. When choosing bricks for construction, attention is paid to various indicators, one of the most important – the brick color.  From the whole range of TM EUROTON bricks the most popular one is – “yellow”. Of the total sales of TM EUROTON facing and clinker bricks for 2020, every fourth brick is a “Yellow” clinker brick.  The most common type, as before, is a single brick with standard parameters: length – 25 cm, width – 12 cm, height – 6.5 cm. And thanks to the external surface, this material is suitable not only for facades, but also to create an original interior.

This is an excellent building material with a lot of positive performance characteristics. It is resistant to moisture and adverse climatic conditions, provides high heat and sound insulation. Due to the dense structure, it wears out little over time and is practically not contaminated. The fact is that the dirt does not penetrate into the surface structure of the clinker brick, there will not appear cracks and efflorescence.                                                                    

Yellow clinker brick is an ideal option for cladding exterior walls, plinths, window and door frames. Even partial cladding of the facade or decoration of, say, a chimney or a fence looks high-quality and modern.                                                                    

It is also used in the development of landscape projects.