Clinker brick

Clinker brick has been known for a long time and today it is very popular among those who value quality, aesthetics, durability and strength.

Clinker brick TM Euroton is characterized by high strength, low water absorption and incredible frost resistance. For the manufacture of clinker bricks, a unique type of white-burned clays is used. Burned out at very high temperatures above 1100 ° C. It is important that different colors and shades of facade clinker are obtained solely from the combination of different types of clay, without the addition of artificial colors.

Clinker is a completely natural, ecological building material.

With clinker bricks, the house will look beautiful, stylish, attractive, and most importantly – durable!

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    VF-16, ”bar”


    Dimensions mm 250х120х65 250х65х65 250х85х65
    Weight kg 2,75 1,65 1,85
    The strength brand М-300 М-300 М-300
    Water absorption % 1-6 1-6 1-6
    Frost cycles cycles F-200 F-200 F-5200
    Thermal conductivity Вт/м°С 0,67 0,67 0,42
    Density kg/m3 1450 1450 1320
    Packing pcs. / pallet 480 780 600
    Facing Brick

    Facing Brick

    Facing Brick
    The modern technological line of German production and qualified personnel make it possible to produce TM Euroton facing bricks of high and stable quality.
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    Ordinary brick

    Ordinary brick

    Ordinary brick
    Ordinary brick of TM Euroton - ceramic, effective. Hollow (effective) brick is much lighter than ordinary brick, and therefore easier to work with. Due to the air cavities in the brick, the heat exchange between the inner space and the external environment is reduced. This very valuable quality allows you to keep warm in the wall in winter and protect it from the heat in summer.
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    Beauty and design

    Clinker brick of TM Euroton" always gives a building a special charm and prestige. "


    Clinker brick of TM Euroton" does not require any maintenance for decades and will reliably serve you and your descendants.

    Maintaining a microclimate

    The inner surface of the walls remains dry during each season, and a comfortable microclimate is always maintained inside the building.

    Environmental friendliness

    Clinker brick of TM Euroton" is made of absolutely natural and environmentally friendly materials "

    Clinker brick of TM Euroton Ukrainian production

    Recently, clinker has enjoyed unprecedented popularity. After all, you do not often find material that retains all its best qualities for centuries. And he is also able to boast of his excellent appearance for a long time. Many modern companies compete in the production of this building material, but not all can provide the consumer with products of the highest quality. It’s worth learning more about this. After all, it is important not only to buy clinker bricks at the best price. It is also necessary to understand how and when to use it in order to reveal all its best characteristics. The Euroton team is ready to tell you about the Ukrainian clinker bricks with all the details. At our plant, modern equipment is installed, which allows us to bring all the best characteristics of clinker to an even higher level. As a result, we gratefully accept the best feedback from our customers.

    Clinker brick manufacturing technology

    The most important thing in the manufacture of any building material is a well-established production with technology worked out to the smallest detail. We carefully monitor this and guarantee high quality.

    As you know, Ukraine is a land with very fertile land and remarkable deposits of various minerals. Gifts of rocks are used in industry and not only. The specialists of the Euroton company are very attentive to the choice of the main component deposit and prefer ecologically clean places within our homeland.

    Clinker bricks are based on clay, a fine-grained sedimentary rock. And we extract it in the most ecological region of the country – the Carpathian region. Carpathian clay has unique properties and has absorbed all the power of nature. But, in order to achieve the best qualities, it must “mature”. Therefore, it should lie down in special places for three months, gaining strength against frost and rain. In the manufacture of clinker bricks, a special refractory grade of clay is used. Further, modern technologies come to the assistance of natural raw materials. A feature of our production is the use of German Lingl lines and modern Siemens automation.

    So, large blocks of clay are crushed and acquire a homogeneous structure – this indicates readiness for mixing with water. After that, the mixture goes to the conveyor, where it is thoroughly grinded and compacted. It is at this stage that the future brick is obtained with the necessary moisture indicators. This is how the charge is formed. After that, the mixture goes to the so-called runners, where it is thoroughly grinded and compacted. It is at this stage that the future brick is obtained with the necessary moisture indicators. This is how the charge is formed. Then, for final maturation, the charge is sent to the charge stock-storage, where it is kept for the next three weeks. After that, the charge is mixed again and fed to a vacuum press, in which a clay bar is formed. Then, the formed bar goes to the automatic cutting line. At this stage, a unique clinker texture is formed. And finally, textured bricks loaded onto drying trolleys enter the drying chamber. Each brick is deprived of residual grams of moisture and is sent for firing. After that, eventually, the final important stage begins – the last soaking of the finished raw material, which significantly increases the quality and aesthetic indicators of the clinker. And now the clinker brick is ready to use!

    Features and Benefits

    It is impossible not to mention some of the distinctive features of our clinker. For example, the uncompromising extraction of environmentally friendly clay and the use of only natural raw materials in the production is a demanded and important stage. Further, the original drawing and special texture. The Euroton company supports the technology of residual soaking of finished bricks, which leads to an improvement in performance many times. Automated production completely eliminates errors in the process. Careful packaging of the material ready for shipment to the consumer is also important.

    We closely monitor our reputation and do not allow the release of low-quality raw materials. Therefore, our clinker has high indicators of environmental friendliness, strength, frost resistance, sound insulation, exquisite appearance, as well as low water absorption and thermal conductivity.

    Clinker color, size and texture

    What distinguish our products the most is that we use only natural ingredients in the production, and mix different types of clay which allows us to find new attractive colors and create original collections.

    Our range of colors is quite wide: from yellowish shades to pale blue and white. And all the equipment used to apply the original pattern and impart a special texture to the clinker bricks was designed according to a special order of the plant and are one of a kind. Therefore, the size and texture of the brick can be different and individual.

    The type of product is constantly updated, following the latest trends and requests, and offers a successful solution to the most daring design ideas of architects.

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