Over 22 activities of the Year own way Rozdolskyy Ceramic Factory (TM Eurotone) produced 750 million. Pcs. bricks!

The company “Euroton” not only continues to strengthen its positions in the construction market, but also sets new goals.

May of this year was outstanding for the company, on May 20, 2017 – it was fixed the issue of 750 million pieces. Brick! And we have something to be proud of! The company “Euroton” develops quickly and dynamically, actively embodies innovative ideas, modern technologies; Changing for the better!

Over the years of its activity, the Roszdol Ceramic Plant (TM Eurotone) is constantly working on expanding the range of bricks to maximize customer satisfaction; From the production of TM Euroton a lot of commercial facilities were erected; Thousands of houses were built.

According to the business director Yaroslav Ostrozhchuk, it was possible to achieve such a result thanks to the well-coordinated work of the company’s professional team. It is a professional and dedicated team that is the key to the success of any enterprise.

We are grateful to the employees and partners for their significant contribution to the common cause and look forward to further fruitful cooperation!