"Eurotone" Company take a part in the exhibition and "CaucasusBuild 2017".

"Eurotone" company take a part in the exhibition "CaucasusBuild 2017" held 16 to 19 May 2017, in the complex "JSCExpoGeorgia" in Georgia, Tbilisi. 

The exhibition "CaucasusBuild 2017" became the best profile event for the company "Euroton", distinguished itself by the rich business program, high activity of the Visitors audience.

At the presentation, our company introduced a face, clinker and shaped brick to the Georgian consumer. During the exhibition, our managers held dozens of negotiations with potential clients. This allowed us to exchange experience, find our customers, develop cooperation at the proper level.

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We received proposals for cooperation from representatives of various companies. This gives us the opportunity to plan an active expansion of the sales market and forecast the growth in brick sales this year.

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Again, the company "Euroton" confirmed the status of the producer of quality brick, as evidenced by the great attention of visitors to the exhibition concerning our stand.

Made with natural ingredients and clinker facing brick TM "Euroton" best meets the needs of people seeking to live in harmony with themselves and nature.

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