Euroton received an award for the development of the construction industry in Ukraine under the Build Portal

EUROTOON company received a memorable certificate - a diploma-gratitude for its contribution to the development of construction in Ukraine under the Build Portal. Evaluated the company for its social position and development.

First, Euroton has been awarded for high growth and development rates :

-           one of the leaders in the brick market;

-           high standards of work;

-           introduction of new technologies;

Secondly, the company was noted as socially responsible:

-           support of independent coverage of construction of Ukraine;

-           promoting business development and business culture.


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Build Portal noted the most active companies by 2018. The portal noted that thanks to the awarded companies and, in particular, "Euroton", the construction industry in Ukraine is developing, and 1 million readers of BildPortal have the opportunity to read the truthful, unbiased news of the market every month.


For its part, the company "Euroton" expresses its thanks to our partners for the high evaluation of our work and hopes to preserve the established friendly relations and further mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation.

We hope that in the coming 2019 we will be able to change for the better the situation in the construction industry and continue to build our country.

Made with natural ingredients and clinker facing brick TM "Euroton" best meets the needs of people seeking to live in harmony with themselves and nature.

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