Issue of a new kind of products of Euroton tile - clinker and front brass FLESH.

In 2018, due to complex modernization of production, two new types of products appeared in the range of EUROTON: the red face FLESH and the Bordeaux FLESH clinker. According to Yaroslava Ostrozchuk, Director of the "Euroton" CJSC, the complex of measures allowed not only to expand the range, but also to improve the appearance of the brick.

In Europe, flashed bricks are quite popular and promising. This tendency is characteristic in recent years and for the Ukrainian market.


Each of the presented collections is unique. Numerous combinations of colors allow you to achieve an unsurpassed effect that combines the monumental tradition and modern style of construction.

The FLESH clinker and face brick has an unlimited number of color combinations, which, despite the appearance, retain their individuality.

FLESH TM EUROTOON, the main advantage of clinker and front bricks, distinguishes it from competitors - there is a unique original tint.

Houses of this brick acquire a noble aesthetic appearance, as well as extraordinary agility.

And high indexes of strength, frost resistance, wear resistance will not leave indifferent any customer brick.

We hope that these types of bricks will be in demand: after all, the best advertising - reviews of satisfied customers!


Made with natural ingredients and clinker facing brick TM "Euroton" best meets the needs of people seeking to live in harmony with themselves and nature.

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