From 03 to August 5, 2016 company "Euroton" held an international conference bricks Euroton distributors.


From 03 to August 5, 2016 in hotel and restaurant complex "Grandmother's Garden", located near the Kyiv was a Conference of bricks distributor Euroton.

At this conference collected more than 60 representatives of official distributors from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia and Hungary, and also representatives of the Ukrainian union of producers of building materials, Research institute of materials and wares, mass medias : building portal of Build Portal, branch magazines of ProfBuild, Building magazine, "Building technologies and constructions".

This specialized forum became an unique ground for an exchange and discussion of issues of the day and prospects of industry experience.



Meeting "round" table, on that there were discussed issues in relation to perfection of partner relations, upgrading of products, expansion of assortment of products, effective communications, expansion of market and increase of volumes of sale of brick, took place within the framework of conference. Also, such important questions were considered, as work in an offseason, price politics. 002

The representatives of company "Eurotone" during a business-forum gave not only all necessary information about operating descriptions of clinker and facial brick but also exposed architectural and designer possibilities on the examples of the built objects. And yet all together reflected above that it is necessary to do, to increase the level of sales through a dealer network and modern networks of retail business.


Presentation of new types of products of "EUROTONE" took place during a conference.

New products were presented by a few positions:

  • clinker brick of "Claret" of euroformat (0,75 NF) by a size 250х65х90;
  • a  clinker brick is "Milan";
  • a new type of clinker brick is "Tuscany";


The participants of conference with fascination examined the standards of new products, that were made on "Rozdilski ceramic plant".

With a lecture President of the All Ukrainian union of producers of building materials and wares came forward Ivan Saliy. Strengths and weaknesses of building market, and also perspective directions of development of building industry of Ukraine, were marked them.


 Director of company "Eurotone" Ostroshchuk Yaroslava summed up collaboration after 2015-2016 ,and also  presented  and rewarded the money reward of leaders of sale of clinker and facial brick among distributors. 


Among home leaders sale:

Leader from sales in the Western region - "Лавіс", Rivne


Leader from sales in the Central region - "Alan Трейд", Kyiv;


 Leader from sales in the South region - "Master Plus", Izmail;


Leader from sales in the East region - "СДК", Dnipropetrovsk;


The best exporters on results 2015-2016 became:


 "ФасадОптіма" is a leader of export in Republic of Kazakhstan;


 Konechna Natalia Ivanovna is a leader of export in Republic of Belarus.


The president of the All Ukrainian union of producers of building materials Ivan Saliy rewarded leaders from sale books on building industry of own authorship!!!


Director of the Research institute of building materials and wares Natalia Dyzhylowa congratulated a company Eurotone with successful realization of duty conference.


Also mrs. Natalia told about activity of institute, and also prospects of development.


A company "Eurotone" management, leading technical specialists, created the atmosphere of friendly communication, every guest could express the opinion in relation to the terms of collaboration, quality of both products and logistic, to set any question and here to get a competent answer.

Made with natural ingredients and clinker facing brick TM "Euroton" best meets the needs of people seeking to live in harmony with themselves and nature.

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