The conference of brick distributors of TM Euroton took place from 12th to 15th of September, 2015. The conference was attended by representatives from companies of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia, whose activity is related to the sale of clinker and facing brick of TM Euroton, as well as by representatives of the Ukrainian Union of Manufacturers of Building Materials, of the press and representatives of PJSC "Ceramic factory of Rozdil".

Within the framework of conference, there was a meeting, at which they discussed the issue of expanding the product range and increasing the volumes of brick sales. In addition, the issues of packaging and transportation of bricks were discussed.

The director of TM "Euroton", Ostrozhchuk Yaroslava Yuriivna, made summary of the cooperation during the 2014-2015 years, furthermore she presented and gave a monetary reward to bestsellers of clinker and facing bricks among distributors.

During the conference, there was a presentation of the new catalog of TM Euroton and a new release of "Building magazine" (Ceramic construction). Also an updated version of a site was presented, which is more meaningful and has more useful information about the clinker and facing brick of TM Euroton. The new site will start working in September, 2015.

The President of the Ukrainian Union of Manufacturers of Building Materials, Ivan Salii, appeared and noticed the strengths and weaknesses of the building market, as well as challenging directions of the development of Ukraine.

As a part of conference, they made an excursion to manufacturing lines of PJSC "Ceramic factory of Rozdil". During the tour, there was a direct lively conversation between representatives of factory and distributors about the solution to a question of effective co-operation.

Made with natural ingredients and clinker facing brick TM "Euroton" best meets the needs of people seeking to live in harmony with themselves and nature.

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