The history of clinker production began about three centuries ago. During this time the experience of each clinker maker was passed to their descendants who have transformed clinker into the material of highest quality for the decoration of walls of the houses. So the first bricks were baked in the oven, like a fresh loaf of bread, kneaded only by the hands, but today it goes differently with the modern production - high-tech enterprises with a modern computerized equipment. So why clinker brick is the best solution in a modern decoration of property? Technologists of company TM Euroton have an answer for this question, they shared with us a few factory secrets in the manufacturing of material that is considered to be the best solution to the facade of both architects and among bricklayer for many years.

Secret 1. Raw material acclimation of future bricks

In case of manufacturing of good clinker, the choice of location of raw material mines plays an important role. Specialists of the companies TM Euroton mine their clay in the greenest region of the country - the Carpathian region and other regions of Ukraine (the mine in Novoraisk, Donetsk). Material of future clinker of these areas is unique. Carpathian clay keeps in itself all the natural power of three elements - water, earth and air. And to multiply this force that makes clinker brick strong and resistant to atmospheric conditions, the clay must "mature". There are special clamps on the open places of production - places where imported clay underlies for about three months. So it is tempered additionally and then the final product is not afraid of rain or frost.

Secret 2. Automatic and natural preparation of components

Then high technologies and equipments are involved in natural processes. The factory works on modern German lines «Lingl» and on the best automation of Siemens. Therefore, all production processes are adjusted to the standards and work, following the good scheme, tuned up by professionals. At first, the prepared clay, been on the truck goes to special so-called bunkers of container feeders. In these large metal containers, the large lumps of clay move on for further crushing on equipped conveyors to the feller-knifer grinders. There the components of the future clinker make primary treatment to the condition when it is already possible to mix clay with the water. The next step - supplying to the grinding machine, weight of which is pounded with water and is sealed under turnover of rollers.

Made with natural ingredients and clinker facing brick TM "Euroton" best meets the needs of people seeking to live in harmony with themselves and nature.

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